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Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning

Q - How Long Does It Take for My Carpet to DRY?
A - Approximately six hours, depending on conditions in the house (temperature, air flow, humidity, etc.). Before we leave, we will direct you on the best possible ways to dry your carpet.

Q - I Have Heard That Once You Get Your Carpets Cleaned, They Get Dirtier Quicker.
A - This can be true depending on the processes used. For example, the shampoo method of cleaning can be one unless the detergent is rinsed thoroughly out of the carpet. If cheap, inferior detergents are used with any method of cleaning, this also can be true. We at SE Cleaners use only the highest quality of anti-soiling detergents. This, along with our soft-water rinse, makes quick re-soiling not even an issue. You will see and feel the difference!

Q - Will My Carpet Feel Harder Than The Normal Soft Touch It Had Originally?
A - Usually not. This is caused by hard water; we use soft. Residues from previous carpet cleanings can also cause this. Our detergents will not cause such a problem.

Q - Why Do Spots Sometimes Come Back a Few Days After Cleaning?
A - If you have a spill that reaches deep down to the carpet backing when cleaned, the surface may appear clean after cleaning. As carpet dries, the moisture loosens up the spot deep down, causing a wicking effect where the spot reappears or resurfaces. When cleaning, we concentrate more on these spots by flushing them out several times. This does not always mean that spots will not come back. If it does come back, contact us, and we can correct the problem.

Q - Can I Remove Spots Myself?
A - Yes. Mild detergents you have around the house can remove most stains. To safely remove a stain, call us, and in most cases we can walk you through it.

Q - Can I Clean My Carpets Myself?
A – Yes, if done properly. But oftentimes problems occur from over-wetting and the use of too much detergent. Over-wetting will eventually cause a rippling of the carpet or delaminate the backing. Too much detergent will cause rapid re-soiling, fiber deterioration and possibly browning on lighter-color carpets. Time and back-breaking work are also involved. Call SE Cleaners at 608-752-5326 or email us at Protect your investment and leave the work to us – all at a reasonable price.

Q - What Can I Do If My Pet Has an Accident on My Carpet or Upholstery?
A - Most people spend a lot of money on pet deodorizers. In most cases, the chemicals work only minimally, and they find that they have to call a professional and spend more money. We at SE Cleaners can solve or minimize your pet odor problems the first time. Call us at 608-752-5326 or email us at

Q - Do You Provide Free Estimates?
A - Yes, and in most cases we may even be able to give you a price quote over the phone, or you can email us at Please provide as much info as possible – such as room sizes – and allow us eight hours at most for a response.

Q - Do I Have To Move All My Furniture Out of the Rooms?
A - No. At no extra charge, we will move your bigger pieces of furniture. You, the customer, are responsible for moving smaller and breakable pieces out of the room.

Q - What Are Your Hours of Business?
A - Most appointments are between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, but we want to accommodate your busy schedule. Just call 608-752-5326 or email us at to request a time and day; we will do our best to comply.

Q - When Do I Know When It Is Time to Clean My Air Ducts?
A - After installation of new heating and cooling system. Observe the amount of dust and other contaminates on your air vents and returns. Increased symptoms of asthma and allergies. New construction and remodeling dust and debris are present in duct work.

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