You love your pets and can't imagine your life without them. However, you could probably imagine a life with them and not their bad odors. Pet odors can have many causes, but it is possible to keep your favorite animal at home without the odor by using these strategies.


Potty Train Early

Housetraining is not easy, but keeping accidents to a minimum re duces pet odors significantly. Make sure that you begin training your dog or cat as soon as you bring them home to use their designated area. Whether you choose to use a crate or puppy pads to train is up to you, but this helps protect your carpet.


Create a Safe Potty Space

When you have to leave your pet alone while you go to work or the store, it is important to limit the places where they might have an accident. Set up a puppy gate that keeps your pet on hard surfaces that can be mopped if they do use the restroom while you are away. Then, clean it up immediately so that the smell stays down.


Keep the Litter Box Clean

Cats prefer using the litter box, but they may be tempted to do their business elsewhere if they are faced with an overflowing box full of feces. Make sure to clean the litter box several times a day, and you can even use odor-reducing litter to further eliminate bad smells. Using more than one box helps in larger homes.


Vacuum Up Pet Hair

When your pet sheds their fur, their clumps of hair can also smell pretty bad. Use a lint brush to remove strands of hair that land on the surface of your furniture, and make sure to vacuum your floors each day.


Use Caution with Air Fresheners & Cleaning Supplies

While it might be tempting to try to mask the smell with air freshener or scrub it out with harsh chemicals, you must also remember that your pet plays on your floor and furniture. Make sure that anything you use is safe for your pet. Keep in mind that strong scents can sometimes trigger pet allergies.


Check Your Walls for Signs of Urine Damage

Cats and dogs sometimes spray to mark their territory. This means that you may not always find the source of your stench in your carpet. Thus, you should inspect your walls for signs of urine damage such as discolored or bubbling paint. Then, clean these areas, and consider refinishing the surface if the damage is extensive.


Avoid Repeat Accidents

Animals are creatures of habit, and your dog or cat will prefer to continue to use the restroom in the same place. Failing to clean up an accident leaves a scent that triggers animals to continue to go there. For this reason, you must completely clean up accidents to avoid leaving a lingering scent behind that leads to future problems.


Know When to Call in Professionals

At some point, even the most stringent housekeeper will find that pet odors have built up. Sometimes, this is because of accidents that you can't locate, or it may just be time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Either way, professional cleaners use techniques that eliminate pet odors at their source.

Pets can bring great joy to the world, but you will have to deal with a little extra cleaning to keep odors down. Fortunately, we are always here at SE Cleaners to give your carpets and upholstery a deep cleaning service that eliminates pet odors at their source. To learn more about our products, services and more, give us a call today.