Bathroom tile and grout can quickly become overwhelmed by hard water, makeup and other stains. These stains and residue can make your bathroom look dated and compromises your bathroom's appeal.

Here are tips you can use to keep your bathroom tile and grout gleaming like they're brand new for as long as possible. Regular maintenance will allow you to enjoy the look of your bathroom and can even help make your tile last longer as well.

Wipe Down Tile After Bathing or Showering
If you quickly wipe-down the tile with a cotton towel or old (clean) t shirt, it will help prevent stains and mildew from forming on your tile and grout. Hard water especially can leave residue behind wherever water droplets or pools are found, so keeping your bathroom tile dry is key to preserving it.

Wiping down your tile and grout not only helps prevent stains from forming, it also helps keep mold and mildew at bay by keeping your porous grout dry. Don't forget to wipe down your sink, floor and all walls after showering and bathing because this will help keep your bathroom tile clean and shining.


Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

You don't need to use harsh chemicals and cleaning agents to make your tile and grout look spic and span, simple items in your home can do the work easily. Consider using hydrogen peroxide or simple white vinegar to clean your tile.

Make sure to liberally spray the areas that need cleaning, and allow the solution you use to rest on the area for a few moments, then wipe away the cleaning agent with a clean cloth.
Using harsh or abrasive cleaning agents, such as a scrub brush or an abrasive cleaning solution, can wear down your tile and take away its finish, while also causing damage to your grout at the same time.


Have Your Tile and Grout Professionally Cleaned

Rather than attempting to remove hard-set stains and mildew in your tile and grout on your own, call a professional cleaning company to do the work for you. A cleaning specialist can use special chemical agents to remove stains, and they may also use a steam cleaner to reach the stubborn areas where stains build up.

If you wish, a professional cleaning company can also apply a sealant to your tile. The sealant will help preserve your tile and make it more resistant to stains and daily wear.

It's important to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned as part of your regular home maintenance strategy. Have your tile and grout cleaned once a year, or as recommended by your cleaning company.


Remove Stains Immediately

Tile can be porous, so make sure to remove all stains when you notice them. If stains from hair dye, shampoos, cosmetics and even toothpaste have been allowed to set, the stains can be hard to remove.

You can try using a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda combination to remove stains. As the solution naturally bubbles due to a chemical reaction, the stain can be lifted out in the process. If home remedies fail to remove stubborn new stains, call your cleaning specialist to address your tile and grout problem.

The best way to keep your bathroom tile and grout looking amazing and clean is to perform regular maintenance. A little bit of care can go a long way to preserving the look and durability of your tile.

When you choose SE Cleaners to address your bathroom tile and grout issues, you choose experts who care about keeping your home beautiful. Allow us to help you keep your bathroom looking newer, longer. Call us today so we can show you the many techniques we have for keeping tile and grout clean.