If you find that your clothes are still damp after running them through the dryer, your vent may be clogged. This may seem like a minor problem, but keeping your dryer vent clean is essential to maintaining an energy efficient house and preventing fire hazards.


Greater Efficiency

If the air vent for your dryer is not cleaned regularly, the hot, humid air doesn’t have a place to escape. As a result, it stays in the drum keeping moisture trapped with your clothes. This means it may take longer for your clothes to dry and you’ll use more energy. To keep your utility bills down and save time on your chores, clean out the vent regularly.


Prevent a Fire Hazard

In addition to extending the time it takes to dry clothes, a clogged vent increases the risk of a fire in your home. The dust, lint and hair that collect in the vent with each use are flammable. The heat from the dryer can actually catch the lint on fire if it is allowed to build up.

Keeping your dryer vent clean is important to ensure that your clothes dry quickly and to remove a potential fire risk from your home. Contact S.E. Cleaners at 608-752-5326 for more information on the reasons for maintaining a clean dryer vent.