You loved your furniture when you first moved it into your home, and you still remember spending hours picking out the perfect colors to fit into your design scheme. Your couches and chairs were an investment, but it has been worth the money you spent to enjoy walking into a living room that feels like a luxury.

Unfortunately, time has taken its toll on your once-favorite pieces of furniture, and you no longer recognize the color of your couch cushions. 

While furniture eventually gets that lived-in feeling, there is no need to toss out your favorite comfy chair. Instead, use these tips to revive your furniture by removing dirt and grime so that your living room looks beautiful again.

Clean Out Cushions
One of the first things that you can do to freshen up your furniture is check the curtains for all of those little things that accumulate over time. For instance, loose change, kid's toys and other types of debris can quickly be picked up so that you can get started on doing a deeper clean.

Once you have pulled out all of the small objects, grab your vacuum and suck up any smaller pieces of dirt and crumbs. Remember to use your upholstery attachment if your vacuum has one, and to get into any crevices where grime tends to fall.

Remove Pet Hair Properly
There is nothing more enjoyable for some people than sitting on your couch while your favorite cat or dog snuggles up on your lap. While you may enjoy these special moments, you do know that having to clean up the pet hair later will be a big pain. Fortunately, there is an easy way to clean up pet hair between your professional furniture cleanings.

Using a lint roller is one way to remove pet hair from upholstery. Alternatively, you can put on a pair of rubber gloves and get them damp. Then, run your hand over the fabric on your couches. As the hair moves from your furniture and onto the gloves, simply rinse the hair off before continuing to wipe until all the hair is gone.

Know How to Handle Stains
Stains can make even brand-new furniture look years beyond its age. The ideal time to handle stains is when they first happen so that they do not have time to set in to the fabric. Simply blot the stain as much as you can. Then, follow the fabric care instructions for cleaning your upholstery.

Deeper or set-in stains often require a professional technique. This is because liquids such as red wine go deep into the fibers where it is hard to get out. Pet stains can also leave lingering odors if any urine is left behind by your cleaning method.

Use Caution with Cleaning Products
While it might be tempting to use that miracle upholstery cleaner that you see on television, using these cleaners is often not the best course of action. Many types of furniture have fabrics that require special care. Always test a new cleaning product on your furniture in an inconspicuous place or use what your cleaner recommends.

Give It a Deep Clean
The dirt on the surface may be what you notice, but you should also be aware that allergens such as dander and dust can lurk deeper beneath the fabric fibers. Make sure to have your furniture professionally cleaned regularly so that you can keep bacteria and allergens from becoming a problem.

Furniture is meant to be enjoyed, and that means that you can expect some occasional dirt and stains to build up. When your couches and chairs need a little freshening up, call Se Cleaners so that you can look forward to relaxing in your favorite chair again.