At SE Cleaners, we receive many questions about carpets from our customers so we thought we would address some of the common carpet problems that most people encounter.


My furniture leaves deep impressions in my carpet, can those holes be fixed?
Purchasing a set of inexpensive furniture coasters will help with the impressions left by the weight and constant pressure of furniture. We will be glad to put coasters on your furniture after we clean your carpets!

Can I do anything to remove or lessen stains that happen between carpet cleanings?
Yes! Call SE Cleaners and we can walk you through the carpet cleaning process using mild household detergents.


I am concerned about how long it takes my carpets to dry since I have children.
We understand how hard it is to keep curious children away from an area of the house; most of the time set aside 6 hours for drying time.


Do you have a way to take care of pet odors?
SE Cleaners specializes in neutralizing pet odors the right way. Call SE Cleaners for a free estimate today!