If you have ever attempted tile cleaning with a special scrubber or a solution bought at the store, you know that it is a difficult task. The good news is that SE Cleaners offers tile and grout cleaning to clients in the Greater Janesville area. We specialize in applying treatment that removes accumulated grime and microbes, leaving surfaces clean and glimmering. This process eliminates much of the bacteria and other common threats that can be lurking in your kitchen or bathroom. Other benefits of our procedure include the following:
  • Treatments professionally tailored to the specific surfaces
  • Minimal pressure put on individual tiles
  • Potentially prolong the life of your tile
  • Precautions taken to avoid breaking fragile tiles
  • Mold and microbe growth limited or prevented
Kitchen with Tiles Cleaned — General Cleaning Services in Janesville, WI
We can help you be rid of the nasty grime that plagues your tile. Our team is skilled, trained and ready to make your grout shine like the day it was installed.

Also Serving Janesville, Milton & Beloit

Keeping the grout and tile in your home clean is essential to ensuring those surfaces' appearance and durability. Doing so on your own can be difficult, however, and many frustrated homeowners have accepted dirty tile as untreatable. Luckily, a professional can provide the service you need and make this part of your home look clean and new again. SE Cleaners provides tile cleaning and air duct cleaning to clients in Janesville and surrounding areas. Some of our other markets include Brodhead, Edgerton, Whitewater, Milton, Beloit, Fort Atkinson and Evansville. If you need professional cleaning services for your home or office in any of these areas, call 608-752-5326 (75-CLEAN) to set up an appointment.